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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

From Loser To Winner

Yesterday I was filled with lot of negative thoughts in the mind and was smoking heavily and continuously in the midnight and was in a deep thought provoking process. So finally I started to think about my past where I have been more motivating and energetic than anyone else, I was pondering over the causes of my change from a motivated and oriented person to a very dissappointed and disoriented one!

The answer is very simple, there were few basic things in my life which I was missng.
1. Reading Habit: This has beeen a wonderful habit which I had cultivated from my school days right from the start of 2nd grade. I was a voracious reader and almost 4 to 5 hours i was with books each day trying to find the ultimate truth in them and was enjoying that process. I moved from short stories and comics to Quantum mechanics and philosophies which has amazed me. So this is something which is missing after I came to Bangalore one happening city which is unfortunately not so happening for me. Reading requires a silent place and very much natural surroundings which ofcourse in Bangalore a great to have. Eventhough I had several unread good books with me, I was not in a position to find a place in mind to read them. So finally after lot of thought processes I finally made my mind and started a new thought of working against the bad omens. So I got myself to the British Library and now starting to find a topic which I could start reading upon, probably Management, I think thats a good topic to start reading, I am done with the philosophies, they have taken my mind to an extreme point, let me return to my old style of working........................
2. Practise:The second point which was missing in my life has to be a little bit religous practise or in my words Sadhana. The spiritual journey to the infinity is called as Sadhana in sanskrit. So I have to rejuvanate that. It is a very time consuming and daunding task to do. I hope that this navratri is going to be a very challenging and will help in my spiritual journey. So today I am going to start a new post which will be from loser to winner.

It will be a thought process which will help each one of you who are reading taking your life to a new journey and I will be holding your hands and we will be walking to a new journey in life

Rakesh Ramachandran

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Inner Struggle

Someone said one day, "The person who conquered the world is mightier and the person who conquered himself is the mightiest". Controlling our inner passions and desires is one of the greatest struggles that we have to do in our lives. We can easily struggle against something which is outside because the point of action and person who is doing the act are 2 different things, but in inner struggles the point of action and the actor is the same. Each moment I am realizing the universal truth I am not struggling against anything outside. I am just struggling against myself.....

now the question is what this struggle??? is that for happiness ???? or for peace???
for me the answer was freedom. The freedom from happiness as well as sadness, from ignorance as well as wisdom as these 2 are just the reflections of the same object. now what to do I have opened a Pandora box for you. so just open and see what it is and reply with your feedback about my writings, I know I have just started I have to write more, but unfortunately the busy life with its fantasies is stopping me from making my inner talents come up.... so lets see where my struggle ends................

in the journey to infinity just one more day passed I do not know how many days are left

all i know is that I am becoming an infinite spirit passing away from the dimensions of mass, matter, time, and space...........

conitinued.......................................... rakesh ramachandran

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Customer Service or Human Service.

Today My mind is filled with the deep emotions and the frivolity that this world provides. Everybody in this world is trying to extract mileage out of you and thats what everyone's aim is. There are no values for relations. I am also astonished by the fact that people who do not even take care of there parents or children are trying to explain what customer means to me???
People who do not take care of their parents I am sure they cannot understand an iota of customer service. For Indians, it has been a tradition of human service. People might say that here they are not getting the customer service that they might get in foreign lands. Oh boys, You are just looking at the last 50 years after independence don't you see the last 5000 years of civilization dazzling in front of your eyes. Thats the civilization in which I am a proud member. Our civilization has always story of how we do human service. We never had customer service in our blood because that is the product of consumerism and materialism but we will always have human service because that is the product of the culture. I am challenging the world to give me a story as in the Mahabharata where a whole family dies to just keep one unknown person who just came to their house to end his hunger. We are the only civilization to have proclaimed "Athiti Devo bhava". I feel pity at the fact that, now people who are just unknown to our history are packing their bags and coming to India to teach customer service. I do not understand where these people get their ideology from. So I still believe India is a great country and will continue to be as its civilization has not stopped to cease in the last 5000 years of its existence and will continue to evolve and exist as it is build on eternal philosophies.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Sorryyyyyyyyy Was Busy


I was busy with my work and was just thinking of how weak I am in time managment. I was just trying to run behind things which never existed and that was just a foolish attempt on my part. Right now this blog is being published when I am in The British Library here in bangalore. Off late I am finding facts which are quite relevant to my life which is filled with emotions and turbulences and is full of some quite yet sorrowfull yet beautiful expressions of life. Sometimes, I believe myself as a quite a good philosopher or possbily a good spiritualist, sometimes, I feel as If I have achieved nothing in this sphere of life and needs to achieve more from the point of view of a materialist as well as from the point of view of a spiritualist. The world is full of lot of things confussing me as to pick what and which suits me. i find that i have lot of habits as well as lot of qualities and I find myself confused as to which habit and qualities shouild i develop. The way I am filled with things just confuse myself as well as makes me wonder???????????????????????????????

Right now the only happening thing is that I got a good friend after a long time and for my happpiness it happened to be a girl as well with whom I can share my emotions. The turbulences that it create and everthing.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

continuing with the onward march towards the infinity

Rakesh Ramachandran

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I am Back After a Long Break

Hi ALL I am back after a good vacation and a long vacation. I was in a vacation till May 8, 2007. I was in kerala inaugurating my new website which I have build for the propagation of a new concept. The website name is sivakiratham.
More details of the concept can be found in Concept Sivakiratham.

It was a wonderful feeling to be back in kerala. I was in a place which is known as the Veda Village.
Panjal is the village where I spend almost a week. There a yagna known as Kiratha Rudra Mahayagnam was going. I was able to meet very eminent personalities over there. I was part of the group of people who had organized and conducted such a beautiful event. I have almost 20 videos of this event. Soon I will be uploading them and you could view all of them under You tube as well as Google Videos. I had several learning throughout this great event. There were great Sama Vedics coming to this event. It was an event which lasted for 8 days. There was a great musical convocation by Kaithapram. It was a great musical event. There were rains coming. I am uploading a audio file which will show once he started to sing a famous song, you can hear the thunder sound. The singer was so happy at the response that he got from the nature that he promised that he will be coming to sing the next year.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Daily Life

You Cannot Learn Everything in this Life

Today I was busy with work and need to complete all my work before I can go for a vacation. Little time for blogging it left me with. Today I was just going through about the tutorials that we have in the internet for learning more about softwares and programming. I was just amazed by the volumes of tutorials I can go through and what all I can learn. The process of finding the right one for your is the most difficult one. I am going on a vacation to one of the most beautiful places in the world. The God's Own Country..............,,,,,,,,........... I will be there for another 1 week and will be posting the videos and pictures that I have collected during my trip to there...............

Anyone who would like to communicate with me can do at my email address.............................................................

Friday, April 27, 2007

My Daily Life

April 27, 2007

As usual I woke at around 12 pm. Had lunch and took a bath and had my sandyavandanam. I was little bit unhappy that the usual Samidadanam was not happening. I was feeling today the nervousness of how the people will react when they see a teenage boy reciting mantras and doing homas, and also the fact that the house where I am staying in rent the place is not so appropriate for a homa with Samidadanam. I need to find an alternative without liting the fire. What to tell the, society never will be able to understand the people who are going towards the infinity. The society has some set rules which they think everyone should follow. The people who are working on the journey towards infinity for them rules are not applicable as it will be like trying to use a 1 meter scale to measure an infinity of length that you have. What a foolish thing to be done by the society and its customary so called occupants.

Later in the evening I got my company cab and got into it. The people inside the cab always trying to look at the way you dress, the way you speak ... going on the list never ending. I was just amazed at the fact they never want to know what are the feelings that I have in the heart for them. Everyone just wants to go ahead and see you outer fashions and folleys. There is no place for your inner heart. In the way to my firm, I was just seeing some children playing and I was amazed at the kind of joy that I can see on their face. The people who are around me working hard and having the drinks; they call having drinks is fun; all I can see is that they are just committing a memory deletion by having some intoxicants and they have no real joy in their face. They are just like machines for whom you do some lubrication and it starts to work again. Still the machine is the machine itself.

Finally I reached my firm and saw lot of hot beautiful girls, but I was just thinking I would like to marry only one woman in my entire life. Why am I running behind all the girls that I see. Is that a kind of obsession that I have or it is some kind of mania that I have. All the answer that I get is that, it is just a lust that I have it in my mind which I need to overcome. Finally, I am trying to understand how lust works in one's mind and how powerful at times it can become. The desires are very powerful. They can fool even the strongest trained minds. I was busy with my work helping the customers with the computer related issues that they have. That work gives me a kind of satisfaction as you are helping people. I see them as humans who need help than customers. They are humans who need help and then only they become customers, and that lands be into trouble sometimes as I am exceed my boundaries getting policy alerts that are set by the policy department of the company.

After my busy schedule I was working on my website which I want to get into the top rank in the Google search which has a long way to go. Still I am having hopes on it as it is the first fully fledged website that I have ventured into. Now blogging has been started to let my ideas be spreading through this world.

to be continued