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Thursday, May 17, 2007

I am Back After a Long Break

Hi ALL I am back after a good vacation and a long vacation. I was in a vacation till May 8, 2007. I was in kerala inaugurating my new website which I have build for the propagation of a new concept. The website name is sivakiratham.
More details of the concept can be found in Concept Sivakiratham.

It was a wonderful feeling to be back in kerala. I was in a place which is known as the Veda Village.
Panjal is the village where I spend almost a week. There a yagna known as Kiratha Rudra Mahayagnam was going. I was able to meet very eminent personalities over there. I was part of the group of people who had organized and conducted such a beautiful event. I have almost 20 videos of this event. Soon I will be uploading them and you could view all of them under You tube as well as Google Videos. I had several learning throughout this great event. There were great Sama Vedics coming to this event. It was an event which lasted for 8 days. There was a great musical convocation by Kaithapram. It was a great musical event. There were rains coming. I am uploading a audio file which will show once he started to sing a famous song, you can hear the thunder sound. The singer was so happy at the response that he got from the nature that he promised that he will be coming to sing the next year.

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