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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Customer Service or Human Service.

Today My mind is filled with the deep emotions and the frivolity that this world provides. Everybody in this world is trying to extract mileage out of you and thats what everyone's aim is. There are no values for relations. I am also astonished by the fact that people who do not even take care of there parents or children are trying to explain what customer means to me???
People who do not take care of their parents I am sure they cannot understand an iota of customer service. For Indians, it has been a tradition of human service. People might say that here they are not getting the customer service that they might get in foreign lands. Oh boys, You are just looking at the last 50 years after independence don't you see the last 5000 years of civilization dazzling in front of your eyes. Thats the civilization in which I am a proud member. Our civilization has always story of how we do human service. We never had customer service in our blood because that is the product of consumerism and materialism but we will always have human service because that is the product of the culture. I am challenging the world to give me a story as in the Mahabharata where a whole family dies to just keep one unknown person who just came to their house to end his hunger. We are the only civilization to have proclaimed "Athiti Devo bhava". I feel pity at the fact that, now people who are just unknown to our history are packing their bags and coming to India to teach customer service. I do not understand where these people get their ideology from. So I still believe India is a great country and will continue to be as its civilization has not stopped to cease in the last 5000 years of its existence and will continue to evolve and exist as it is build on eternal philosophies.