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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Inner Struggle

Someone said one day, "The person who conquered the world is mightier and the person who conquered himself is the mightiest". Controlling our inner passions and desires is one of the greatest struggles that we have to do in our lives. We can easily struggle against something which is outside because the point of action and person who is doing the act are 2 different things, but in inner struggles the point of action and the actor is the same. Each moment I am realizing the universal truth I am not struggling against anything outside. I am just struggling against myself.....

now the question is what this struggle??? is that for happiness ???? or for peace???
for me the answer was freedom. The freedom from happiness as well as sadness, from ignorance as well as wisdom as these 2 are just the reflections of the same object. now what to do I have opened a Pandora box for you. so just open and see what it is and reply with your feedback about my writings, I know I have just started I have to write more, but unfortunately the busy life with its fantasies is stopping me from making my inner talents come up.... so lets see where my struggle ends................

in the journey to infinity just one more day passed I do not know how many days are left

all i know is that I am becoming an infinite spirit passing away from the dimensions of mass, matter, time, and space...........

conitinued.......................................... rakesh ramachandran

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