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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

From Loser To Winner

Yesterday I was filled with lot of negative thoughts in the mind and was smoking heavily and continuously in the midnight and was in a deep thought provoking process. So finally I started to think about my past where I have been more motivating and energetic than anyone else, I was pondering over the causes of my change from a motivated and oriented person to a very dissappointed and disoriented one!

The answer is very simple, there were few basic things in my life which I was missng.
1. Reading Habit: This has beeen a wonderful habit which I had cultivated from my school days right from the start of 2nd grade. I was a voracious reader and almost 4 to 5 hours i was with books each day trying to find the ultimate truth in them and was enjoying that process. I moved from short stories and comics to Quantum mechanics and philosophies which has amazed me. So this is something which is missing after I came to Bangalore one happening city which is unfortunately not so happening for me. Reading requires a silent place and very much natural surroundings which ofcourse in Bangalore a great to have. Eventhough I had several unread good books with me, I was not in a position to find a place in mind to read them. So finally after lot of thought processes I finally made my mind and started a new thought of working against the bad omens. So I got myself to the British Library and now starting to find a topic which I could start reading upon, probably Management, I think thats a good topic to start reading, I am done with the philosophies, they have taken my mind to an extreme point, let me return to my old style of working........................
2. Practise:The second point which was missing in my life has to be a little bit religous practise or in my words Sadhana. The spiritual journey to the infinity is called as Sadhana in sanskrit. So I have to rejuvanate that. It is a very time consuming and daunding task to do. I hope that this navratri is going to be a very challenging and will help in my spiritual journey. So today I am going to start a new post which will be from loser to winner.

It will be a thought process which will help each one of you who are reading taking your life to a new journey and I will be holding your hands and we will be walking to a new journey in life

Rakesh Ramachandran

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