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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Back After a Break


As I said in my last post Navrathri has something special for me. I met a person who is now showing me the master of all vidyas, Sri Vidya, bahu tantra vith, one path where all the other paths are integrated. The path of Sri Lalitha Maha Maha Bhattarika. Its a wonderful feeling to get introduced to that mother. After years of separation I have found my mother, but only to my amazement, now she is the goddess. After billions of birth I am back to my mother's console. Sri Vidya is a path where the materialism as well as the spiritualism converges. No other path can be there where such a melodious coexistence I could see. I will be posting more about the rediscovery that I am going through Do email me with your thoughts.

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