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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Customer Experience and Employee Experience

Today I was filled with thoughts regarding customer and employee experience ideas that are running behind all the organizations of the world.

The obvious question to the mind was why are we having all these thoughts. Employees can also be termed as internal customers.

What is the reason why all the organizations say on their web sites we are an employee experience friendly organization which seldom appears to be the true



The answer was very simple. Organizations across the world and employers were not interested in getting poor employee's experience greater instead they were focused on increasing productivity, decreasing attrition and other metrics. They do not care whatever experience you have in their respective

organizations as long as these metrics are taken care they are happy.  They want to increase the numbers and one way fortunately for the employees was increasing employee experience. Another by product of consumerism and capitalism.


So if all the organizations are trying to increase employee experience why still are the employees not happy?


That is a good question which came to mind and the obvious answer was customer experience and employee experience  was a culture its not a thought that some Great Boss decided and suddenly the organization became employee and customer friendly.

Since employers are not true to their mind the all ambiguous ideas of creating employee experience just stumbles to the Big Boss minds and never  percolate to the middle and senior managers.

So this has to be done by a cultural change and not with prudent intentions of achieving any results. Then we can see sure success increase in employee experience.

Any job done without interests and intentions of achieving results has always created more impact. And any culture can be build only by using non intentional jobs and not by result oriented jobs. That is what history has taught us and this will be there till there is an employee and an employer.


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