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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Actions and their consequences

Its a beautiful morning which reminds me that results of actions prevail even unknown to our consciousness. We do lot
of actions without the knowledge that they have their consequences. Although the human history man has tried
to evade the results of his actions, but never he has been able to do that because the very nature of actions demands
the results of it. One can argue that philosophically its true but he the practical nature is different!.
Well, the truth cannot be evaded by an argument of practicability. The only possible solution which appears is that
actions can be evaded only by actions. But also the other truth is evil can never be evaded by evil only divine can
evil. So all our evil actions cannot be evaded by another evil actions, only another divine action will be able to
evade it. That's the rule which governs this universal cosmic world. So how do we get out of our past evil actions?
The solution is to continue the divine actions in the present, because past builds the present and the presents builds
the future. I know that I have done lot of mistakes in the past due to lack of knowledge or incompetency to deal
with the unfavorable circumstances. Due to the lack of knowledge and incompetency man has always try to escape the
brutal forces of unfavorable circumstances but all his efforts have just vaporized in the light of circumstances.
Escaping the unfavorable circumstances only makes a man weak and also just postpones the struggle he has to face.
Postponing is never a solution its just a fix which never makes through. The only way is to do the right action
struggle and get out of unfavorable situations.

My taking a practical example I have always tried in my school days to get up early in the morning, but I always
failed to do that still continue the same. Even after 3 years I am still the same person. I am still bad at my
routine. I always had excuses trying to escape the fact that I was incompetent in doing the right action. Still
today when I look back it was my laziness or some other reasons which prevented me being punctual and the brunt of
that I still bear today. My mind has become lazy depressed and lack of enthusiasm is always there in me.
It has become a habit to become lazy and the greatest truth I have realized is that a habit can be evaded only by
another habit. So like these there are thousands and millions of habits in me which I have got all through my past
which needs to be evaded. This is what in Vedanta philosophy of east we call as samskaras or vasanas and it is said
that only in the light of truth all these seeds of vasanas get burnt and you will become free. When the mind has
no vasanas its pure and that's the mind which is the supreme commander of senses. That's the most matured mind which
can take the most matured decisions in the light of ultimate truth. That's what I am trying to achieve all through my
life whether its through philosophy, upasana, sadhana, psychology, religion whatever be the way its the aim.
Every day is a struggle for a man who is trying to reach this state of mind. For me its not different as well, because
the emotions that I need to evade are my own and the very nature of the struggle is that the friend and the enemy
is the same. In this occasion I remember the verse in Gita which informs me that for soul the soul itself is the
friend and for the soul the soul itself is that friend. That's a great truth to realize, probably we need to realize
and more spend more time correcting our actions than trying to blame the circumstances we are in.
That's the rule of the universe to corrections actions by actions and that's the rule which will prevail whole

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