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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Google Wave Finally Got Invited

Finally, I was the lucky one who got the the google wave invitation.

Google wave seems to be the bridge between email and instant messaging. Seems like Google is going to start a new revolution in collaboration just like what it did with Google Docs.

Here, is what wikipedia has to say about Google wave.

"Google Wave is "a personal communication and collaboration tool" announced by Google at the Google I/O conference on May 27, 2009.[1][2] It is a web-based service, computing platform, and communications protocol designed to merge e-mail, instant messaging, wikis, and social networking.[3] It has a strong collaborative and real-time[4] focus supported by extensions that can provide, for example, robust spelling/grammar checking, automated translation between 40 languages,[2] and numerous other extensions.[4] Initially released only to developers, a "preview release" of Google Wave has been extended to about 600,000 users since September 30, 2009, with the initial 100,000 users each allowed to invite up to eight additional users."

I was very happy to receive the invitation but the only issue is that I have only 8 invites left with me. If any one of you would like to get an invite leave a comment.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009


Eyes were immaculate

hearts imbibed with truth

yet there was no light that i could see

Monday, July 20, 2009

Updates to Polyphasic Sleep Strategy

I have received couple of good comments from people on the internet about the last blog. My internet connection was down so was unable to update the blog.


Here is a latest update on my strategy of polyphasic sleep.

I cannot say that I am following an exact method of polyphasic sleep but this has worked for the past 2 months for me.

With a daily productive hours hitting 20 hours I am getting more productive and able to attend college and do a full time job. This is a great achievement for me as a person where I  do not see any time wasted in my life where every minute is becoming productive. A task which seems to have been impossible seems to be possible now.  I sleep 3-4 hours daily and able to do a night shift in job and a day shift at the college.

There was a comment about libido made by a person on the last blog. Well for me I should say that libido has taken a dip as my priorities have changed in life and I am passionate just towards completing my studies and work. That is a positive sign as I am no longer influenced by sensual emotions and I am greatly happy that I am engaged all the time with some work.

My first advise to people who wants to follow the strategy is that we all should have a great compelling reason towards why we need to get a greater productive life.  You need to be passionate towards the goal. If we have these basics right automatically the body responds favorably and the task will be accomplished. We need to remember that polyphasic sleep is just a tool to achieve our goal. Unless we are sure about the goal there is no meaning in the strategies that we explore.

Comments are welcome.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Polyphasic Sleep Strategies

I was trying to implement the polyphasic sleep in my daily life and to be true it was a great failure. So I started searching for the factors that are causing this failure.

Factors Influencing Poly Phasic Sleep

Disclaimer: The following provide only a general guide and is very customized to my life situations and daily routine which is different for each person. So incase trying to apply in your life, apply with discretion.

1. Control of Sexual Energy: People might be wondering what sexual energy has to do with sleep. Well I have noticed is that  all the great saints that I have encountered in my life slept only 3-4 hours daily and had an amazing amount of concentration and memory retention abilities. They greatly has advised in their teachings to the control of sexual energy. They term semen as ojas or veerya ( veerya is something gives veeryam or provides strength). Its said in ancient scriptures that if a man is not having great mental abilities he will be losing his semen in 41 days.  Semen is said to be made from blood and its  said that for every drop of semen 4 drops of blood is required.  Its the most toughest tasks to control the semen and even prevent losing it during sleep.  In ancient India, it was said that  a man is supposed to have a celibacy vow for first 25 years of his life. Veerya contributed directly to memory retention and strength of mind and intellect. 

Now how do we control this?  This is the most difficult task in our life? 

One great idea that I can give to you is to have a plain vegeteranian diet which is devoid of onions if possible.  If possible please go for a diet of fruits, nuts, and milk. This will control the mind and hence will give the ability to control the semen and will you will realize a great amount of strength in ourselves. We need to grow beyond animal nature.

Reduce your interaction with situations that can increase lust. Stop watching pornography, pictures of women with lust. There are 3 ways by which they can enter our mind.

1. Touch This is the most powerful way lust can enter our mind. A touch of a beautiful female can easily deceit our minds to lust.

2. Sight: It could be from a personal encounter, images, internet, television. Now it has become almost impossible to control it fully because we are increasingly in a world of external  factors influencing us. So one way is to see the females around us as mothers or sisters.

3.Sound: The sound of girls laughing. This is one simple yet powerful way by which girls can attract our attention. Ignoring is  the best way to defeat it. One can also try concentrating on another object.

Once these 3 are mastered we can master the mind to control the sexual energy. There are other techniques available which I will be posting in coming weeks. I am implementing these techniques in my personal life and checking the progress that I make, so that I do not become a hypocrite and becomes one who practices what he preaches.

Beautiful Evening Reducing Ego within Ourselves

Today is a  Beautiful evening with rains pouring all over the city. It seems like the South West Monsoons have reached India. Monsoon has a long history of being associated with India’s culture. Its said that the peacocks dance during the rains to attract the females so that mating takes place. Rains have a great amount of influence on human lives. Water the life sustainer is an integral part of this earth which makes it habitable for the generations.

I was recently reading through the origin of life. Basically there are 2 theories. Life came from preexisting complex non life molecules or matter called as Abiogenisis. Life came from pre existing life called as Biogenesis which includes extra terrestrial origination of life on earth. These theories are great to read and it gives us an understanding of how vast this universe. Our personal ego seems to be fading when we read about the origin of life. Out of the billions of galaxies we are the in the milky way.  Out of the countless stars one is sun and out of the planets we are in earth and in earth where almost 6 billion people live we are one of them. Still we are egocentric and wants to believe that we are the best in the universe. There are lot of other things in this universe and we are nothing but a tiniest fraction of it. Thinking about itself will help use to reduce the egocentric life that we live, where we are fighting for sillier things. This is one way of increasing the horizon of our minds and vision. This is a broad minded mind’s thinking.  Let’s embrace this idea and expand the horizons of knowledge that we carry within ourselves.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Polyphasic Sleep Strategy


The average human sleeps 8 hours a day which means out of the 100 years of life expectancy 30 years is spend on sleeep. I was researching as how to reduce sleep time in our life.

This can boost the productivity. Although this has been researched by many and some found new techniques like Uberman and Dymaxion.

The key is to take naps when needed and use these  naps to enter to the stage of actual sleep. This requires considerable training and adherence to the schedule.

My strategy

I am working on a monthly schedule where I need 17 hours of productivity of which 8 hours is work with 1 hour of break in between the work. After 17 hours I have 7  hours left with me to schedule my sleep.  I would like to break this 7 hours to 3 hours of sleep with 3 times 1 hour nap.

Starting From May 1st I am going to experiment polyphasic sleep strategy and will be publishing the results as well.

I am going to publish each days results to verify the progress and what are the customizations and changes that I have to make so that my planning and strategy becomes a success.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Struggle for existence, Another to Flourish and leave a mark for others to follow.

I was thrown out of the walls of light to darkness of the material world at the age of 17. I fought with darkness and continued to struggle till I found the light within me and around me.

It was a painful struggle to find the light that needs to be carried throughout my life. I first fought with the people around me, I challenged those who threw up questions on my credibility and ability and made sure that they were wrong. Sometimes, I just did too much than necessary there are mistakes in me, but that does not deter the fact that wars which were seen like lost were won with the power of god in me and also due to my patience.

I came out to Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley at the age of 17  finding myself in a new struggle. All I had that time was courage, confidence, and immense faith in myself that I will not fail until I keep trying.

That is the greatest lesson someone needs to learn, you do not fail until you fail to try. The first job I got was a  Hutch now renamed to Vodafone telecaller for the post paid sales. My last sales ended up with the commissioner of Bangalore and that was my last sale and I switched to Spheris or Healthscribe. I worked without pay for the first 6 months of my training for medical transcription. Cleared the qualifying test and got selected as an Advanced Medical Transcription Trainee and worked for almost INR 2800 per month. Those were the days of real struggle where I struggled for each paisa out of my salary most of the time had only 2 times meals. The whole period also saw depression taking a toll on me. I was one of the bright students who had good grades but I was thrown out to the darkness of the world. I was denied education due to financial difficulties.

I went further from HealthScribe and Joined CLI3L now acquired by SITEL as Technical Support Associate with a salary on INR 11000 per month. This was quite a good period and then I went to Dell and joined as Technical Support Associate.

When I joined Dell during the training process people were against me. Neither I understood them nor they understood me. By God’s grace I came out of the training and got a rank of 27 out of 180 people who were working in the same process during the first month of my tenure in Dell. Then during the same quarter I became the Agent of the Quarter and during the last 2 and half years I got promoted twice and became a Technical Support Expert. 


During this period I had experienced intense depressive phases due to the craving need for education and the continued mental struggles. I continued my struggle and won the battle again to secure a seat. I was denied a seat in Christ University not because of my marks but because I was too old for them and I had a break in my studies for 4 years. Injustice was done to me, yet I was not prepared to give it up. I went to St.Joseph’s college and got the admission for BSc  with majors Maths, Electronics, and Computer Science and planning to join them at June 11th.

I feel that God has decided that St.Joseph is the best for me. Now I have one more struggle. It is to secure the finance for my education. From darkness I came to light yet the light does not seems to be there and there is one more step before I reach that… The struggle continues. Well that is the story of human race ,

It is the struggle first for an existence and survival and then another struggle to flourish and another struggle to leave a mark of endurance for others to follow…..

the onward march continues…………….

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Struggles of Life

Each moment that we spend in our life is a struggle for the very own existence and survival of our identity. We attach our identity to various things and become what we attach to in due course of time. A boy who sees the bad habits in the people around relates to that and in the path of life he becomes either a bad person because of his mind following his childhood experiences or he becomes a good person as he sees what bad habits can cause to the society and himself. We always have only 2 ways of responding to a particular situation or experience in our life, i.e, Either acceptance or Negation. These are the only 2 ways by which we can frame our responses to the external stimuli of the world. People might say that they can come to a point of ignoring the nuisances of the external world. Let me remind them that, its the very nature of the intellect and mind to respond either with a negation or acceptance to the external stimuli. Its very rarely and people with extraordinary capacity who can ignore worldly affairs with 100%. Otherwise, each one of us whether we need to accept the truth or not are just having only 1 option either a negation or acceptance.


Recently I came across a case where a friend of mine said, she is in love with a man but she is already loving someone else as well and is in a state of confusion. I instantly replied that her first  love is not there in her mind even though she still believes that she is still in love with him. After a month she informed me that she is not able to attach to her first love anymore. The very gist of this entire episode is that, you accept it or not, you can only love 1 person with full heartedness at a single point of time, otherwise, Its like saying the Evil and God can coexist.  I always seen cases where people say that they are confused between 2 persons. It is just a hallucination or illusion that there is a confusion. In the reality or truth we all can only love 1 person at a time with complete acceptance, any other persons if exist is just due to the fact we are still in need of some love from them, but we can only love 1 person.

Say Not Struggle Availeth.

In my 10th grade I used to read a poem by Say Not the Struggle Naught Availeth by Arthur Hugh Clough, Its classical poem which taught  me the values of struggle in life. Struggles make me stronger and I see that everyday I am growing stronger and stronger, by the experiences and with iron rods of my mind against the struggles of life I am earning my merit to reach the higher point of realities of this universe. It has been a wonderful experience to lead a life with varied experiences including meeting people with the highest intellectual and mental capabilities which has made me relate to them and as I said in the beginning I continue my journey towards becoming the character that I related to, during my young days. It is a painful struggle yet there is a continuous joy in struggling against your own self.

With another day towards the journey to infinity.

Thank you

Rakesh Ramachandran

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Virtual World

We are increasingly moving to a virtual world the realities of the life are far away due to the evading forces of the virtual world that we are in. From television that switch to the computer that we use at home and at office, its faster becoming a virtual world and where we see the virtual scenes being played by different people of different hemisphere. Online social networking is nothing but another way to keep in touch with the virtual world that we are in. We always try to pose what we want in online networks than what we are and end result is that we are just getting locked up in the virtual world and its fantasies. Its the same case with pornography as well. It has been human inhibition to see what he may not be able to achieve in the real world. The actual time that we spend to get to the reality of this world is very less. Its more becoming an inhibition to be in the virtual world than to come in terms of the real world.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Controlling The Mind

The greatest and one of the toughest job is to control the mind. All through my days I have tried my level best to do that. Never succeeded. Well one can definitely ask me why is that I am then trying to attempt when its one of the most untamable objects.

Well trying for that itself gives me a pleasure and makes me feel that even though a little but  I am making progresses everyday.


I am sure that one day I will succeed and that day I will be mightiest  of the world when I can control the mind. With constant  practice the mind which is supposed to be the untamable will be tamed and controlled.

Another day passed away from my journey to the infinity.


Thank you


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Journey of Economics

Through this life of 20 years that I have lived I have seen lot of changes and cycles of money coming in and going out.

Money is like an energy which flows from one person to another. From the days of living without a single pie to a state of luxury the life has taken me. Its amazing that things which I dreamed and thought I would gain when I gain money appeared no more necessary when enough financial resources where unavailable.

Its true that , in this world, things which you do not possess you always wish if you posses and when finally you possess you lose the interest in those things.

God sets this world with his own rules and poor men think they that they own, its real foolishness God just dictates and we according to our abilities just follow him, we are just like in a park where we have no control of things that does not happen yet we believe that we have control over them.