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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Journey of Economics

Through this life of 20 years that I have lived I have seen lot of changes and cycles of money coming in and going out.

Money is like an energy which flows from one person to another. From the days of living without a single pie to a state of luxury the life has taken me. Its amazing that things which I dreamed and thought I would gain when I gain money appeared no more necessary when enough financial resources where unavailable.

Its true that , in this world, things which you do not possess you always wish if you posses and when finally you possess you lose the interest in those things.

God sets this world with his own rules and poor men think they that they own, its real foolishness God just dictates and we according to our abilities just follow him, we are just like in a park where we have no control of things that does not happen yet we believe that we have control over them.

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