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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Struggles of Life

Each moment that we spend in our life is a struggle for the very own existence and survival of our identity. We attach our identity to various things and become what we attach to in due course of time. A boy who sees the bad habits in the people around relates to that and in the path of life he becomes either a bad person because of his mind following his childhood experiences or he becomes a good person as he sees what bad habits can cause to the society and himself. We always have only 2 ways of responding to a particular situation or experience in our life, i.e, Either acceptance or Negation. These are the only 2 ways by which we can frame our responses to the external stimuli of the world. People might say that they can come to a point of ignoring the nuisances of the external world. Let me remind them that, its the very nature of the intellect and mind to respond either with a negation or acceptance to the external stimuli. Its very rarely and people with extraordinary capacity who can ignore worldly affairs with 100%. Otherwise, each one of us whether we need to accept the truth or not are just having only 1 option either a negation or acceptance.


Recently I came across a case where a friend of mine said, she is in love with a man but she is already loving someone else as well and is in a state of confusion. I instantly replied that her first  love is not there in her mind even though she still believes that she is still in love with him. After a month she informed me that she is not able to attach to her first love anymore. The very gist of this entire episode is that, you accept it or not, you can only love 1 person with full heartedness at a single point of time, otherwise, Its like saying the Evil and God can coexist.  I always seen cases where people say that they are confused between 2 persons. It is just a hallucination or illusion that there is a confusion. In the reality or truth we all can only love 1 person at a time with complete acceptance, any other persons if exist is just due to the fact we are still in need of some love from them, but we can only love 1 person.

Say Not Struggle Availeth.

In my 10th grade I used to read a poem by Say Not the Struggle Naught Availeth by Arthur Hugh Clough, Its classical poem which taught  me the values of struggle in life. Struggles make me stronger and I see that everyday I am growing stronger and stronger, by the experiences and with iron rods of my mind against the struggles of life I am earning my merit to reach the higher point of realities of this universe. It has been a wonderful experience to lead a life with varied experiences including meeting people with the highest intellectual and mental capabilities which has made me relate to them and as I said in the beginning I continue my journey towards becoming the character that I related to, during my young days. It is a painful struggle yet there is a continuous joy in struggling against your own self.

With another day towards the journey to infinity.

Thank you

Rakesh Ramachandran

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