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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Virtual World

We are increasingly moving to a virtual world the realities of the life are far away due to the evading forces of the virtual world that we are in. From television that switch to the computer that we use at home and at office, its faster becoming a virtual world and where we see the virtual scenes being played by different people of different hemisphere. Online social networking is nothing but another way to keep in touch with the virtual world that we are in. We always try to pose what we want in online networks than what we are and end result is that we are just getting locked up in the virtual world and its fantasies. Its the same case with pornography as well. It has been human inhibition to see what he may not be able to achieve in the real world. The actual time that we spend to get to the reality of this world is very less. Its more becoming an inhibition to be in the virtual world than to come in terms of the real world.

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