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Monday, April 20, 2009

Polyphasic Sleep Strategy


The average human sleeps 8 hours a day which means out of the 100 years of life expectancy 30 years is spend on sleeep. I was researching as how to reduce sleep time in our life.

This can boost the productivity. Although this has been researched by many and some found new techniques like Uberman and Dymaxion.

The key is to take naps when needed and use these  naps to enter to the stage of actual sleep. This requires considerable training and adherence to the schedule.

My strategy

I am working on a monthly schedule where I need 17 hours of productivity of which 8 hours is work with 1 hour of break in between the work. After 17 hours I have 7  hours left with me to schedule my sleep.  I would like to break this 7 hours to 3 hours of sleep with 3 times 1 hour nap.

Starting From May 1st I am going to experiment polyphasic sleep strategy and will be publishing the results as well.

I am going to publish each days results to verify the progress and what are the customizations and changes that I have to make so that my planning and strategy becomes a success.

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