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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Portable Apps

I love this one. I use Lastpass for my  online accounts. One of the best password managers. The office computer recently upgraded to Windows Vista, and in Windows Vista thanks to the dreaded User Account Control installing firefox required admin rights and I hate using internet explorer instead of firefox as many add ons are just not there in Internet Explorer. I came across Portable Apps. Got a 4GB installed the portable apps lite suite over there. Now  I am very happy. Irrespective of whether I am at home or office all my settings are there in my little tiny flash drive. Just plug it in wherever I go, even I can use it in a cafe, just do my stuff take it back and its secure as I got a encryption on my drive.  Install Portable Apps at

So if you are looking out for something which will help you bridge the gap between your personal computer and your office computer buy a min USB Flash drive and install Portable Apps. Try considering something which has built in program for encryption so that incase you lose the flash drive your data is not accessed.


Try Portable Apps and let me know.

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