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Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Struggle for existence, Another to Flourish and leave a mark for others to follow.

I was thrown out of the walls of light to darkness of the material world at the age of 17. I fought with darkness and continued to struggle till I found the light within me and around me.

It was a painful struggle to find the light that needs to be carried throughout my life. I first fought with the people around me, I challenged those who threw up questions on my credibility and ability and made sure that they were wrong. Sometimes, I just did too much than necessary there are mistakes in me, but that does not deter the fact that wars which were seen like lost were won with the power of god in me and also due to my patience.

I came out to Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley at the age of 17  finding myself in a new struggle. All I had that time was courage, confidence, and immense faith in myself that I will not fail until I keep trying.

That is the greatest lesson someone needs to learn, you do not fail until you fail to try. The first job I got was a  Hutch now renamed to Vodafone telecaller for the post paid sales. My last sales ended up with the commissioner of Bangalore and that was my last sale and I switched to Spheris or Healthscribe. I worked without pay for the first 6 months of my training for medical transcription. Cleared the qualifying test and got selected as an Advanced Medical Transcription Trainee and worked for almost INR 2800 per month. Those were the days of real struggle where I struggled for each paisa out of my salary most of the time had only 2 times meals. The whole period also saw depression taking a toll on me. I was one of the bright students who had good grades but I was thrown out to the darkness of the world. I was denied education due to financial difficulties.

I went further from HealthScribe and Joined CLI3L now acquired by SITEL as Technical Support Associate with a salary on INR 11000 per month. This was quite a good period and then I went to Dell and joined as Technical Support Associate.

When I joined Dell during the training process people were against me. Neither I understood them nor they understood me. By God’s grace I came out of the training and got a rank of 27 out of 180 people who were working in the same process during the first month of my tenure in Dell. Then during the same quarter I became the Agent of the Quarter and during the last 2 and half years I got promoted twice and became a Technical Support Expert. 


During this period I had experienced intense depressive phases due to the craving need for education and the continued mental struggles. I continued my struggle and won the battle again to secure a seat. I was denied a seat in Christ University not because of my marks but because I was too old for them and I had a break in my studies for 4 years. Injustice was done to me, yet I was not prepared to give it up. I went to St.Joseph’s college and got the admission for BSc  with majors Maths, Electronics, and Computer Science and planning to join them at June 11th.

I feel that God has decided that St.Joseph is the best for me. Now I have one more struggle. It is to secure the finance for my education. From darkness I came to light yet the light does not seems to be there and there is one more step before I reach that… The struggle continues. Well that is the story of human race ,

It is the struggle first for an existence and survival and then another struggle to flourish and another struggle to leave a mark of endurance for others to follow…..

the onward march continues…………….

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