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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Beautiful Evening Reducing Ego within Ourselves

Today is a  Beautiful evening with rains pouring all over the city. It seems like the South West Monsoons have reached India. Monsoon has a long history of being associated with India’s culture. Its said that the peacocks dance during the rains to attract the females so that mating takes place. Rains have a great amount of influence on human lives. Water the life sustainer is an integral part of this earth which makes it habitable for the generations.

I was recently reading through the origin of life. Basically there are 2 theories. Life came from preexisting complex non life molecules or matter called as Abiogenisis. Life came from pre existing life called as Biogenesis which includes extra terrestrial origination of life on earth. These theories are great to read and it gives us an understanding of how vast this universe. Our personal ego seems to be fading when we read about the origin of life. Out of the billions of galaxies we are the in the milky way.  Out of the countless stars one is sun and out of the planets we are in earth and in earth where almost 6 billion people live we are one of them. Still we are egocentric and wants to believe that we are the best in the universe. There are lot of other things in this universe and we are nothing but a tiniest fraction of it. Thinking about itself will help use to reduce the egocentric life that we live, where we are fighting for sillier things. This is one way of increasing the horizon of our minds and vision. This is a broad minded mind’s thinking.  Let’s embrace this idea and expand the horizons of knowledge that we carry within ourselves.


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