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Monday, July 20, 2009

Updates to Polyphasic Sleep Strategy

I have received couple of good comments from people on the internet about the last blog. My internet connection was down so was unable to update the blog.


Here is a latest update on my strategy of polyphasic sleep.

I cannot say that I am following an exact method of polyphasic sleep but this has worked for the past 2 months for me.

With a daily productive hours hitting 20 hours I am getting more productive and able to attend college and do a full time job. This is a great achievement for me as a person where I  do not see any time wasted in my life where every minute is becoming productive. A task which seems to have been impossible seems to be possible now.  I sleep 3-4 hours daily and able to do a night shift in job and a day shift at the college.

There was a comment about libido made by a person on the last blog. Well for me I should say that libido has taken a dip as my priorities have changed in life and I am passionate just towards completing my studies and work. That is a positive sign as I am no longer influenced by sensual emotions and I am greatly happy that I am engaged all the time with some work.

My first advise to people who wants to follow the strategy is that we all should have a great compelling reason towards why we need to get a greater productive life.  You need to be passionate towards the goal. If we have these basics right automatically the body responds favorably and the task will be accomplished. We need to remember that polyphasic sleep is just a tool to achieve our goal. Unless we are sure about the goal there is no meaning in the strategies that we explore.

Comments are welcome.


  1. Hello:
    Read the update. Are you only on 3-4 hours monophasic sleep per day? No naps at all?
    The premise with polyphasic is that we can make ourselves more efficient and healthier through the quality of sleep.
    Having 4 hours sleep and no naps in between does not seem healthy.

    At 4hour core, perhaps 1 nap in between would be helpful.

  2. I am getting a small nap like 1 hour in between, but the good thing is I am getting more REM Sleep, that seems to be helping me a lot,