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Friday, January 8, 2010

Rays of Hope

I am in the midst of darkness. Darkness which continues to weaken my body, mind and soul and eats it up like flesh eating cannibal. I am the darkness as well and today I am practicing cannibalism by weakening myself. Why am I doing this? In the inherent struggles of life I have done, this is the after effect of that journey and with the rays of light finishing I am surrounded by complete darkness. Darkness which persists not only in me but the whole universe is filled with darkness. Black is the color of destruction. The absolute truth where everything submerges within itself. Black holes where everything gets destroyed and loses its own identity to find new ultimate identity “darkness”.

I see myself being drawn to such a black hole where once I reach there is no coming back. I will be under my own inertia drawn to it and forced to sleep under the depths of its darkness. Under my own gravity I created this darkness and to come out of it I need an angel. An angel who has the qualities of love. That is a rare feature in today’s world. A world which is increasingly becoming mechanic all the day and time and with nothing but scavenging animals who flourish on the rotten meat of others.

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