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Friday, January 8, 2010

Tantra Some Questions.

Is there a need for nyasa and other rituals according to the sastras or the guru’s advice is what needs to be followed?

There are two categories of people. One who says that guru’s advice is of prime importance and sastras or scriptures are not the absolute authority. These are people I would say are more driven by their heart or emotions. The other category are people who strictly abide by the sastras and say that guru’s advice is of a secondary opinion and sastras opinion is of prime importance. These are people driven by their intellect or they have more inclination towards the intellect. Now which one is the correct one? This is a difficult question to answer. A man of intellect will follow the inclination towards intellect and with his prejudiced approach he will be assuming or approaching this issue. A man of heart or emotions will follow the same approach as an intellect but just that the view points are different. I am putting this question in my mind and trying to find answer without prejudice.

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