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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sublimation Overcoming Lust Part 1

Today I am writing this piece of writing to start a new era in my life. To start fighting against lust. Lust has made a dominant area in my mind even without my knowledge. From a small denomination it has grown today like a full fledged tree.

Although its something natural and bound to happen I cannot lose in my struggle against it . Time has come for me to conquer it.


Following are the techniques for my practice.

Again these are my personal experiences and techniques. Like all medicines are not for all patients some of them are for some patients this is my medicine and extremely personalized.

1. Gayatri Japa and Sandhyavandana

Going to start with both for a period of 41 days and then going to check my progress. That is the first process to purify the mind and allow energy inflow into it.

This will help me in reduce loosing veerya or semen in the next 41 days and I will become more energized and take my struggle to a next level. Will post the results as soon as I find any !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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