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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sublimation Overcoming Lust Part 2

I have got a good audience to this topic. I realized that when I looked at the statistics for this blog via Google analytics. 


I was pondering over the reasons why people wanted to read about sublimation and it comes to my mind that worldwide there is an increased desire to curb lust. Lust has been man’s enemy since ages. Even in the story of Adam and Eve its the lust which brings them down from heaven to earth. Semen is nothing but the universal power of creation. When it is wasted through our futile exercises we lose that energy and sublimation is the way to redirect that highly potent energy to a different path. The path could art, philosophy, sculpture, anything any topic in the world and when it is done it produces wonders. All the great men of this world have channelized that energy.


Here are some of the important points to remember.

1. Remove the idea that sex is evil. In India we never had the theme or philosophy that sex is evil. But also remember that anything that is more than what is required is as equal as poison. Its like the venom of the snake. When the venom gets injected into ones body it acts as poison and same venom is used to remove it becomes a life saving tool.

2. Accept the reality that sex is not something that can be controlled in some countable days. It takes long amount of practice and dedication to control that energy as its the universal creative energy.

3. If you are not able to avoid doing it, do it with full heart. Spirituality is not the place for people who are sad its the place of joy. So do anything with joy and in the days to come you will notice that it disappears from you.

4. The root cause of this is desire. Desire can be removed only through 2 ways. Fulfilling it or using knowledge and reason removing it. The latter is suitable for people who are used to the knowledge and reasoning capabilities. The former class of people need to fulfill the desire to remove it. You will notice that any desire that you have once its fulfilled it does not exist in the mind.

I will be posting more and continuing. Do post your comments and feedbacks !!!


  1. Another way to transform a desire is to transform one's interpretation of its implications. People desire what is apparently good. Reasoning does not always carry weight in assessing the distinction between appearances and realities because there are not any convincing experiences to show the evil reality behind a good appearance. This requires a higher sight. But to reach that higher sight, one must have faith in what one has reasoned, and see through a regimen of celibate and non-sexual lifestyle, over a long period of time. Then one's very eyes begin to change, one's very heart changes. One could not have reasoned these changes into being, but if one has reasoned correctly that SEX IS EVIL, then one can understand the NEED to control it and redirect its energy in an adaptive way to prevent harm to the Spirit.

    I know that you don't think that it is evil, but it is. I won't argue with you about it. My point is that even so, because of the nature of these bodies, it is forced upon our superficial consciousness to appear good. We even forget that in our youth we were disgusted with it and for good reason. We forget our child consciousness ENTIRELY, it is but a dream. But only through complete abstinence can such memories in their explicit, ENERGETIC dimension be rekindled. Children who have not been violated have a Golden Consciousness (if they have Real Spirits and not mere vessels for exploitation, such as to host demons later). That consciousness is pure, sealed of from the world in so many ways, and resists so much of its deception. But it requires reversing the damage of puberty and the exploitation of others through the vampiric drawing of energy through sexual and other forms of contact.

    Regardless, it is true that one should be happy as a result of one's choices. If sexuality really makes you happy, go for it. If one cannot be happy being celibate and abstinent, then it is not right for them (possibly). But because it IS a difference of Good and evil, Spiritual Life and death, I believe that a person who considers seriously this path owes it to himself to REALLY try it and not give up because of temporary unhappiness, but rather should concentrate harder, like a person walking a tightrope. He doesn't give up concentrating because of a gust of wind or losing his balance! His mood does not dictate his concentration! He must MEDITATE harder!

    Thanks for your article.