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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Naked Truth of The Glamorous World.

The Naked Truth of The Glamorous World.
This world is increasing becoming glamorous. Even in our streets we find people who even ashame the most extreme exhibitionists. Exhibition is right now drawn as something which is modern, as well as required for the very own existence in this material world. Its standing nakedly in front of our eyes yet we do not seem to recognize it. We fail miserably in understanding yet it makes us fools of our own selves. That is the paradox of life which is quite paradoxically strange and truthful. 
In understand its fallacies we fail because it imbibes in itself every color that we can think and it slowly evades our minds and fills with its own thoughts about how this world should be. We get drowned into this and fail to see the world as it is. That is how the glamorous world invades us. No one is free out of this even though I write this piece I am very much drawn to it which I honestly understand and I acknowledge that my very own aim is to gain some popularity or get people to read what I write. Otherwise my very own writing is useless which needs to discarded and dumped into a bin. But that does not mean I cannot escape from it. The truth is that being aware of that itself is the sign of a revival. The revival of truth and seeing the world that is as it is. I am neither a philosopher nor a psychologist I am just trying to incorporate my learnings from life into few words. 

I also acknowledge one point which anyone might find strange, most of the people in life whom I have observed, who are against glamorous or exhibition are persons who have not achieved anything in life, I meant materially. Consumerism derives us to have something which will give us an edge over the next door neighbor. We will buy another car not just because we already do not have one, because the car which we think about is the most latest one and its a rare version. We all are behind rare things of life. Even our search for spirituality is because its rare. The truth is always rare. We search in the outer world to achieve the most rarest and precious item, the moment we find one thing we find that our next door neighbor has a better than this. We then go in search of something better than what he has. The list is endless. Even if we get all the women, wine and dine of this world we shall never be satisfied. All our search in the outer world is a gimmick and the best way to make a fool out of ourself. When we do this search within our own self to find the most the precious thing we find what I call as the beginning of the spirituality. 

People tend to think that materialism and spiritualism stand in the 2 distinct outer corner of the world. We fail to understand that the same person is referred to as spiritual as well as material. These are not separate. They employ the same methods only that their outlook and aims are different.

By a close study of this world we can unveil our own nepotism and be freed from it. 

Let that glorious truth get imbibed in you.

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