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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Swami Nityananda Follow up Article

Swami Nityananda Follow up Article
This is an article in follow up with some of my reader's comments. This is just to clarify my stand on these kind of issues.

One of my reader has commented
"First when I heard that u have a science background and you are being so cool with this sex tainted nithyananda - I was really upset - but reading this article - i seem to understand things better.This notion of sex and hindus mainstream spirituality was something Nithyananda wasn't honest about - after this episode I gave OSHO more respect because he was candid however this guy seemed to operate under double standards and Swami Dayananda was against these spurious books so Nithyananda has to face the heat for his double standards - think if u had a daughter and he did some of his crap with her how would u feel?"

First of let me tell you that I am not going behind these gurus as masses of people do. People who do not have the qualities of a disciple try to find a master and thats the chief reason why fail in their futile attempts quite miserably and get landed up in these situations.

Taittareeya Upanishad clearly mentions the qualities of a master.  People who are in search of a master must read this.

1. Brahma nishtan: The one who has realized the self and is emerged in it.
2. Srothriya: The one who knows all the scriptures and is profound in it. Otherwise the master will not know how to convert his high state realizations for his poor disciple.
3. Easily Accessible: This is the most important characteristic. The master should be available whenever the disciple needs help or has doubts.

If I take the above points I am sure that Swami Nityananda fails to qualify as a master for at least a person like me. He is fit for the public as the public themselves do not have any of the said qualities for being a disciple. As they are all materialists all they need is someone who is having pomp and show offs. And no wonder why they land up with such masters.

When the inside in you is truthful you shall find the truth outside as well otherwise we all would fail to find our own master.

Any one reading this, My humble request is to first judge yourself as do you have the necessary qualities of being a disciple and then search the guru. You may not even search him and he shall appear to you the moment you get qualified, otherwise at least try to get those qualities rather than promoting these kind of stupid and idiotic ideas or be an atheist and materialist you might reach god earlier than being a psuedo spiritualist.

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