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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sadhana: Questions and Answers and Some Introspection

These are the Questions and Answers with regards to my introspection about Sadhana.

Sadhana is a Sanskrit word Sādhanā (Sanskrit साधना, literally "a means of accomplishing something").

Question 1.
Why am I doing sadhana?
 a) I do not know. Since I have not perfected in Sadhana I have not achieved the experience that it aims to be. Until I get the experience I do not know what it is for would be the right answer.
b) One part of my mind tells me that I need to do it. In the language of Transaction Analysis this is called as a Nurturing Parent. This attracts and with force I aspire to do Sadhana. Doing sadhana also gives mental peace that I have experienced.

Question 2.
Then why don't I do it more?
Mind is engrossed in the outer world. However mind's one plain likes to go in the inner world as well. There is always a conflict between the two. I need to decide which is my original need. When the mind goes in the outer world its issues starts affecting the mind. The affected mind cannot do any sadhana easily.

Question 3.
What are my needs then?
a) Due to the contact of my mind with the external world like any other ordinary person I like to realize my potentialities in the material world. I do not know whether these are my original needs though right now for the real person I am.
b) Due to the Nurturing Parental Script there is something beyond all material achievements. I do not know the actual truth beyond these material achievements since I am yet to  experience that truth and thus the script remains there.

Question 4.
Then what are my actual material needs?
a) Recognition
b) Material benefits derived out of money.
c) My sexual and other emotional needs.
d) Recognition and respect from my family and society.

Note: All these are the same material needs as quoted in the Abraham Maslow's theory of Hierarchy of Needs.
More Reading's_hierarchy_of_needs.

Question 5.
Even if I achieve all the above needs do u feel that you will be satisfied?
Even if I receive all the above needs I will feel bored and at that point I might want some solitary or loneliness.

Question 6.
Then why do not I embrace solitary or loneliness right now itself?
Right now my mind feels that it's needs are there in the external material world.

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